5 Top Tips on How to Make Your Home Insta-Worthy

Instagram can be the source of inspiration you never knew you needed. It's not just for posting pictures of your cat or posting what you had for your dinner but can be a valuable source of lifestyle advice, fashion tips and inspiration. Instagram can also be used to bring inspiration into your home and right now there's no shortage of beautiful imagery to tickle your interior design taste buds.

Fancy a change? Here are our top tips to creating an instagram-worthy home.

Light it up!

Give your home that extra sparkle by adding fairy lights. You don’t necessarily need to try to recreate Santa's grotto, but a few lights here and there will give a home a cosy look and that all important ambience. It could be brightly coloured or subtle warm lights if you prefer, but there are lots of ways to introduce lights from just a few small lights to bold statement lights. It’s all about choosing a style that suits you and your home.

If you've got it, flaunt it

We all have our own personality and quirks. Your possessions usually reflect your interests and hobbies and we believe you should display them all around your home. Whether you're an avid reader or you collect ornaments, magnets or something more obscure, get them out of their dusty boxes and create a display. Surround yourself with what you love – your home doesn't have to look like a show home all year round (although we've no qualms with that!) Put those pictures on the walls, blankets on the sofa, show off your collections loud and proud.

Picture perfect

We all love scrolling through the photos on our phones but why not dig out those family portraits or print some pictures from your phone, frame them and display them. We're thinking more like family beach days, that time you saw the Spice Girls, and why not your children’s graduation photo. You don't have to frame them either, you can simply just print them and hang them from twine like you would with Christmas cards, or use fairy lights and small craft pegs and display them that way. There are lots of options but the main thing is to set your pictures free!

Cacti? That's a prickly subject...

Instagram is full of Cacti. Succulents are taking over – they're in our kitchens, in our offices, in our living rooms. They're really easy to look after and that's probably why they appeal so much to us. They only need to be watered once a week and if you choose a plastic one, well, even better. With our green spaces dwindling and our working days becoming longer, we're opting to bring nature to us.

Don't quote us on this

“A family is like a circle. The connection never ends, and even if at times it breaks, in time it always mends.”

Instagram is great for finding inspirational quotes and so is your home! Pick a quote that resonates with you and your family, print it out and frame it. Or you can head to the shops and pick up one that's already made! They can bring little bit of motivation or reaffirm your belief in something or they can simply pep you up after a long day. You could even create a photo wall and pick the best quotes and images, that are sure to brighten your day.

There we have it, our top tips for making your home a viral sensation on Instagram. Do you have any other tips? Send us a message on social media and include a photo, we'll post the best on our pages.

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