EUROPEAN UNION REFERENDUM: A split vote amongst estate agents

A recent survey amongst a network of estate agents across England, Scotland and Wales, suggests there is a divide between agents experiencing an impact from the upcoming referendum, and those that are not.

The survey – conducted by Relocation Agent Network – found that 53% of respondents indicated that in their opinion, the market trends they are experiencing may be attributed to the upcoming EU referendum.

Over a quarter (26%) indicated that the most significant market trend that can be attributed to the upcoming EU referendum was a decrease in buyers. 29% suggested it was a decrease in sellers.

Despite the upcoming vote, there is one thing that the majority of Relocation Agent Network members agree on; summer remains a good time to enter the market. Indeed 98% of survey respondents recommend that prospective buyers and sellers continue with their plans.

Richard Powell from Ryder & Dutton, the member of Relocation Agent Network in the local area said, “No one can predict the outcome of the upcoming EU referendum, but we do know that the summer months are always a busy time for the UK property market and this year is no different. Contact us today to see how the upcoming referendum may be impacting your local market and to discuss your options. As the area’s Local Expert, we’d love to help you move.”