Get your garden summer ready

Summer is here! It's time to show off your garden. If you haven't got round to sprucing it up yet, why not start this weekend?


If you have a garden in need of some TLC, we have a few tips for you so you can get started straight away.


Do you already know what you want to achieve?

If not, start by taking inspiration from magazines and websites, saving pictures as you go along. You could print them out and create a mood board or simply keep them on your phone in an album. Don't forget to look at other items rather than just plants to create an inviting outside space. You might want to include a garden ornament such as lights, seats, a birdbath or a statue.


Once you've found something you're happy with or if you already have a good idea of what you're looking to create, you can start to source plants and other items from your local garden centres or supermarkets.


There are a few things you should look at before it can all come together. This guide will help you to create a garden you can use all year round instead of just the Summer months.



Have a clear out

Start by clearing out what you don't need. It could be that your garden has been neglected over the Winter which is normal as most people don't want to be out in the freezing cold pulling up weeds and raking leaves.


You can purchase weed killers from most supermarkets or garden centres and depending on the scale of what needs doing you could hire a skip to help you clear bushes, branches and leaves without the need to visit a landfill site. If you have some planters that look a bit weary, recycle the soil out of them and see if you can save the planter itself.


Consider what types of plants you'd like 

It could be that you have a selection of plants already and you want to add more, or you may have nothing at all and need to create something from scratch. Don't forget – some plants bloom at different times so you may need to allow for this.


Daffodils will bloom early Spring and then you'll be left with nothing in that space until next Spring. Plant summer-blooming flowers in between the bulbs and you'll have a colourful garden throughout the year.


Be comfortable with the right furniture

Outdoor furniture is an absolute must if you plan on spending those warm, long evenings outside or even those chilly nights in the Winter out stargazing. A great start would be to combine comfort and functionality – you need a spacious table and a selection of chairs.


Decorate these with blankets and cushions when you're outside (but take them inside when not in use in case it starts to rain!) to create an extra cosy feel in case it gets chilly when the sun sets.



Keep warm in the evenings

It's highly likely that the temperature could start to drop as dusk arrives. Blankets can help but you can also purchase a garden heater which can take the chill off and make it feel cosier. A stove or a chimaera is a good idea too; who doesn't like the sound of a roaring fire in an afternoon or evening? There are many options, including budget-friendly items so there's something for everyone.



So there we have it, our top tips for a garden makeover that Alan Titchmarsh himself would be proud of. Have fun with it and ultimately create a space for yourself – it's you who'll be spending time in it!