Is Christmas a good time to sell your property?

People often say that Christmas isn’t a good time of year to be selling your home however research from Rightmove reveals it is an incredibly busy time of year for people visiting Rightmove house hunting!

There are some traditions you can’t help but associate with Christmas. The turkey dinner, opening presents and visiting Rightmove.

Not sure about that last one?

Well, did you know that between Boxing Day and New Years Eve last year 11.3 million people visited Rightmove!

It seems quite staggering however, year on year we see a trend of huge numbers of visitors to Rightmove over the Christmas holiday time

We all like to start every year with new found optimism for a new start and this can be a powerful factor in helping people make the final decision that they want to go ahead and move home, especially if it is something that they have been thinking of for some time.

Whatever the reasons one thing is for sure, there is a huge demand for property details over the Christmas season so if you are thinking of selling your home next year, can you afford to miss out on the interest your property could receive this Christmas?

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