Land and New Homes at Ryder & Dutton

Ryder & Dutton New Homes have worked with SME builders and developers for over 40 years helping them to bring housing schemes to the market which closely match the needs and wants of the modern day buyer.


There have not been nearly enough new homes built for decades which has resulted in a national shortage of new homes. In 2015 156,140 new homes were built, which is 75% more than in 2009, but still a long way off the Government target of 200,000 new homes each year for the next 5 years.


The economic crash devastated the SME sector of the housing market and it is reported that there are fewer than 3000 small builders currently active in the market. The Government is keen to encourage SME’s back to the market and have introduced a number of funding packages to help with acquisition of land and development costs.


Ryder & Dutton recently incorporated residential land sales under the umbrella of New Homes and has now re-branded as Ryder & Dutton Land and New Homes. As well as marketing new developments on behalf of builders and developers we can help with the buying and selling of development land irrespective of its size or planning status. We can advise on the viability of a plot and work with you to bring a scheme to the market that matches the ever changing needs of the buyer including advice on house designs and internal layouts.


Working closely with land owners and developers makes a lot of sense. Most of the developers we work with have been building for years and are always on the look out for their next site. With better availability of funding for the smaller builder and the shortage of quality new homes; coupled with an upturn in the market, there has never been a better time to consider selling land that is suitable for residential development, or building the scheme out either independently or as a joint venture with an established house builder.


The HCA report that 42% of all new homes sold in 2016 were bought with the aid of Help to Buy. During 2016 a staggering 80% of all new build homes sold through Ryder & Dutton were with the assistance of Help to Buy. The Equity Loan scheme is set to run until 2021 and is available to all buyers (not just first time buyers) on new build properties only.


With Help to Buy, purchasers only require a 5% deposit of their own and can apply for a 20% equity loan to top their deposit to 25%, giving them access to much more competitive 75% LTV mortgages.


Registering your development onto the scheme is free and the application can be done easily online. Whether you have 1 or 100 plots, you have access to your own personal portal where you can update your funding requests for future phases or new sites that you develop.


If you are looking for a piece of land for residential development or would like advice on what buyers want in a particular location we can help.