Moving in the School Holidays

The school holidays are here which usually means juggling childcare and keeping the children occupied. However for families moving house over the next few weeks it also means the children are likely to be more involved in the move!

We all know it can be a stressful process so here are our top tips to help involve the whole family when moving home! 

Keep everyone informed:

Keep everyone informed about the house move so they feel involved and have time to get used to the idea. Moving home can be a really big change for children and they are likely to have lots of questions for you. Taking time to answer all their questions can help make them feel involved and ease some of the questions on moving day itself!

Be Positive about moving:

Moving can be stressful so it's good to try and focus on the positives where possible. There is usually something positive to keep the family excited about the up and coming house move. It might be the nice new garden, a new bedroom, moving close to friends or even just starting out on a new adventure! Keeping everyone excited about the move can help ease some of the stress involved.

New Bedroom Ideas Scrapbook:

One of the most exciting parts of moving home for children can be the new bedroom they will get! This could be a great opportunity to let them create a scrapbook to keep all their ideas together. It could be as simple as what colour do they want their new room to be? Where will their furniture go? This also allows children to start to visualise themselves in their new home which can help them settle in when they arrive there.

Involve the family in deciding what to take to the new house:

It can be an ideal time to have a clear out when you are moving home. You might find unwanted items lurking at the back of the kitchen cupboards or under the stairs that you won't necessarily want to take with you when you move. Garages and garden sheds are also notorious hoarding hot spots! It can be a really good chance to do some charity shop runs with toys, games, DVD's, pots and pans or anything that you don't want to take to the new house. Some children may enjoy some input into what they are taking with them too.

Make the move as fun as possible!

Try creating games to make packing up and moving home more fun for all the family. Perhaps you could earn rewards for completing tasks to help with the move, to help keep children interested and motivated. For example once you have packed up a box of your toys you earn a film night in the new house. You could even write a list of jobs that need to be done and pop them in a hat so each family member chooses their task at random - but no peeking! Creative youngsters might enjoy designing labels for their boxes such as 'My Toys' or 'My DVD's'. There is so much more you can do to make packing more exciting!

Our Final Tip: Allow children to have their own 'Moving Day Box' that they can label and pack themselves with their moving day essentials. This could perhaps include their tablets, iPads or mobile phones for older children (don't forget their chargers!) colouring books and toys for younger children and maybe even a few of their favourite snacks to keep them going.

Having items that are important to children being readily available at the new home can help them settle in and more importantly keep the family occupied, leaving you free to focus on moving!

These boxes can either be packed onto the van last or even be taken in the car with you, to make sure they can use them as soon as they arrive as the new house!

Adults might also want a moving day box but it might be more likely to include documents, tools to build the important items such as beds for the first night and perhaps a bottle of wine for the end of a long day!