Own music history with never before seen Factory Records and Hacienda memorabilia to be sold at auction

Manchester has gained iconic status as a city famous for its rich history; from its contribution to the industrial revolution with so many cotton mills and forward thinking industrial prowess it led to its nickname ‘Cottonopolis’, its famous architecture, culture, tourism and, of course, the Manchester Bee.

But when we talk about the buzz of Manchester there is another important aspect of this incredible city we can not overlook, and that is its place in music history.

Manchester is famous for its contribution to music and in particular the ‘Manchester music scene’ that has brought us some of the most loved bands of the ’80s and ’90s that have captured the hearts of the nation.

Factory Records, the Manchester-based British independent record label, started in the late 1970s by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus, played a pivotal role and are considered to be pioneers of their time, starting the careers of influential Manchester based bands such as Joy Division, Happy Mondays, New Order, James and many more. Not only renowned for their iconic sound but their artwork prominently produced by Peter Saville so reminiscent of the era. The popularity and success of Factory Records also led to the opening of memorable nightclub The Hacienda.

Following an exciting find from a client of Ryder & Dutton, there is an opportunity to own a small piece of that iconic music scene for yourself as Ryder & Dutton’s Fine Arts Department, in association with Fielding’s Auctioneers, will be offering a fabulous collection of related items owned by a former employee of Factory Records in the 1980s.

The collection includes vinyl records including promotional copies, white label test pressings, original sheet music, Factory Records Christmas presents, Hacienda model kits, Factory and Hacienda membership badges, New Order tour books, Peter Saville ‘Little Lewey’ statue, DAT tape recording for Happy Mondays and New Order and much, much more.

This really is an opportunity to own a piece of history!

All the lots are to be sold on Saturday 6th July at Fielding’s Auctioneers in the ‘Mantiques’ Auction which includes vinyl and entertainment memorabilia, online catalogue available HERE

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