Ryder & Dutton ban fees to tenants from 1st March 2019

The Government are going to ban fees to Tenants from 1st June 2019. Ryder & Dutton think this is a fair and positive move and from 1st March 2019 will no longer charge Tenants ANY APPLICATION FEES WHATSOEVER.

There will be a holding deposit of one weeks rent which by paying the VAT on this will make it possible to transfer this to a NIL DEPOSIT scheme making only a further one months rent payment necessary to move in.

Tenants can still lodge a five weeks rent deposit instead if they so wish but the NIL DEPOSIT scheme can also include £5000 cover for accidental damage to the Landlords property (carpets etc) this protecting the Tenants money.

As ever some terms and conditions apply but we are happy to explain at any of our offices.