Ryder & Dutton Go Live With Latest Technology, Property Tracker For Landlords & Tenants


At Ryder & Dutton, we pride our selves on always giving our clients the best possible service we can, which we achieve with great success through a variety of different measures. One thing we strive to do is to make the whole process as simple and user friendly as we can do for each and everyone of you.

Our latest venture has been created with exactly that in mind. Property Tracker is an online tool that allows you, as a landlord, tenant, vendor or prospective buyer, to log into a simple, easy to use platform and access all current information about your properties or those that you have shown interest in.

Property Tracker is incredibly easy to use and has great functionality. You can access current information about your properties or those you have shown interest in. It also has great ease of access, allowing you to login in at anytime no matter where you are. Property Tracker is regularly updated to provide you with the latest information and is super easy and quick to use, saving you more time to enjoy doing other things.

Property Tracker has some great features, for example if you are a Landlord letting a home, you can log onto your Property Tracker dashboard and see the current status of your property you are letting. From there you can access different areas of Property tracker to find different information regarding your property. Marketing shows you how popular your property has been through online enquiries, gives you information about any website views and also provides applicant database matches. If you select Viewings, you can see all of the feedback received from every viewing for your property.

Management is where you can view full details of the current tenancy you have in place, as well as any works orders, property inspection reports and more. Monitoring all the ingoing and outgoing transactions, as well as downloading copies of statements, is all available in the Transactions section of Property Tracker. Finally, calendar displays all confirmed viewings and maintenance appointments on the property you are letting out. 

If you are a tenant and renting out a property, then Property Tracker has everything you may need to assist with this and make renting a property incredibly straight forward! With Property Tracker, you can easily report any issues with your property, request for any maintenance work to be done and also monitor any outstanding maintenance works, just by selecting Faults, within your Property Tracker Dashboard.

Calendar displays all appointments including any inspections and maintenance works you may have booked and transactions is where you can view statements of all rent payments at the click of a button, plus you can also download these to keep records. With Renewal, you can even check the progress of your tenancy contract renewal or check out!



Property Tracker couldn’t be easier to use and it’s not just for Landlords and Tenants, but it is also available for Sellers and purchasers, just ask your dedicated negotiator about using Property Trackers!