Spring clean your way to a sale!

Now that we are officially into Spring there is no better time to think about giving your home that Spring clean to get it looking it's best ready to sell.

Having viewers visit your home can be difficult as you want to give the illusion of a show home but its not always that easy with many of us working long hours, awkward shift patterns and having families to juggle too, however we would like to offer you some simple advice that may help get the springtime overhaul just right for viewers!

* Thoroughly clean all the windows and frames inside and out. Once this is done it's not a job you will need to do too often but it's worth spending some time on. With PVC window frames give them a wipe over both inside and out to get rid of any water marks or cobwebs etc. If you have wooden window frames it might be worth seeing if they are ready to be re-varnished to help them look their best.

* Look at any exterior paint work to check its in good order. Any faded or peeling paint work is worth re-painting to give it a spruce up and the difference it can make is amazing . Don't forget your front door and re-paint or clean as required and give the door furniture such as letter box and door handle a polish.

* Silly as this sounds if your home does not currently display a house number it might be worth investing in one. It's not worth taking the chance that viewers may not be able to locate you. The same applies to your for sale sign. On occasion viewers don't take a full address out with them to viewings so make sure your board is visible in case they don't know which house on the street you are!

* It doesn't matter if you have a small forecourt garden or a substantial family garden, keep up with cutting the grass, trimming the hedges and sweeping up the leaves. It really adds to the overall impression you create.

* If you have any rubbish in your gardens, garage or shed then clear this out. Most buyers will want to look in your garage and shed anyway so why not have a clear out now before the viewings start. You want them to see the maximum storage potential. A splash of colour added to any garden and whether it's a few hanging baskets, free standing pots that you can utilise in your next house or even a bit of evergreen it will always look the part. Garden paving stones, paths and driveway should be weeded and swept.

* Take a good look around the house and see what you spot! If you spot anything out of place you can bet your viewers will certainly pick up on it so be honest about your findings. Take care to see what lives on top of cupboards etc and de-clutter if necessary.

* There are usual places that we can be tempted to clutter and some of the usual suspects are dining tables, shelves, bedside cabinets, kitchen work surfaces and on top of kitchen cupboards. Take care to clear these areas and keep them looking as you would want viewers to find them.

* Storage Solutions. Make the most of your storage space utilising cupboards, overhead storage and loft spaces. Plastic storage boxes that can be labelled are very useful and inexpensive solutions to tidy up your belongings and they can be even more useful for moving day and as they come in all shapes and sizes and can be neatly stacked into cupboards out of sight.

* The Easter holidays could be a great time to get organised! For further advice contact our team on 0161 925 3255