What are the Typical Mistakes Made When People Sell Their Homes?

It’s well known that people will always make mistakes; it’s simply a part of life. More often than not we learn from these mistakes and move forward, all more the wiser for this experience. This is great, however if you can learn from someone else’s mistakes, it can be far less costly and beneficial for yourself in the long run.

When it comes to major personal and financial decisions, such as selling your home, avoiding costly mistakes is crucial as it can not only slow down the entire process, but also actually have a large impact on your financial well being!

With all this in mind, here are just a few of the most common mistakes we have seen over the years and ones we strongly advise you avoid…


Bad Photography

In this day and age, it has never been more crucial to make sure your photos are up to standard and showcase your home in the best possible way. You could have the most amazing home for sale, the price could be perfect and the property description could highlight all your home has to offer and more, but it could all be for nothing if your photos don’t do your home justice. To a degree, having the right photos can be even more important than pricing as people make up their mind in seconds and first impressions count in a huge way!

At Ryder & Dutton we pride ourselves on our photography and understand fully the impact they play on your sale, as noted in one of our recent reviews “The marketing photographs were amazing - after seeing how other agents present properties for sale, believe me, Ryder & Dutton are the best. I am sure these photos were pivotal in getting such a quick offer.”


Review sourced via https://www.allagents.co.uk/review/328118/


Becoming TOO Emotionally Attached

We know a lot of people can get emotionally attached to their homes and with good reason, you have made some fantastic memories with your families that will last a lifetime and you LOVE your home. So it’s only natural that when it comes to sell home, this attachment can play a huge part in you almost sabotaging your own sale to a degree. You have to have a clear mind and put to one side any personal feelings and think constructively, what are your homes strengths and weaknesses? Being objective is crucial during this process, so don’t let anything cloud your judgement when it comes to your sale!

Overpricing Your Property

We’ve already mentioned pricing earlier in this guide and as obvious as it may seem, pricing your property correctly is going to ultimately have the biggest impact on the sale of your property. As tempting as it might be to try to get as much money from your sale as possible, you have to be realistic and ensure that your property is being priced at a value that isn’t just maximising the potential of your property, but that is also one that will attract a buyer at its true cost.

Buyers today have access to a wide range of information about recently sold homes, as well as other similar homes selling in your area, so they simply won’t make offers for more than your home is worth and if a property sits on the market for a length of time and becomes stale, it can cause potential buyers to wonder what is wrong with the property.

We understand the crucial importance of getting the most competitive price for your home, while still reflecting local property market trends and our fantastic firm wide valuation accuracy of 85% backs this up.

Valuation accuracy sourced via www.allagents.co.uk/ryder-dutton/


Not Having Your Home Ready To Be Viewed

While it may seem it would be top of your list when selling your home, to ensure it is displayed to its full potential, you would be surprised by the amount of people you tend to neglect this. This is your properties time to shine and as we have already stated earlier a first impression can often sway a potential purchaser’s interest one way or the other.  Yes, essentially it is the property itself, the area, the value etc. that people are interested in. However, people often picture themselves in that home when viewing it, so simply taking the time to clear any clutter, cleaning the property and staging your home to look its best will go a long way when showcasing your home.

For more information on this and for more tips on what to do with your property when having viewings, why not read our blog ‘Should I Pack Away Personal Belongings For House Viewings?’

The professional service we offer here at Ryder and Dutton offers you complete peace of mind when it comes to such issues and much more, making your journey selling your home as stress free as possible. If you wish to discuss any of the issues raised further with a member of our team or if you are simply worried about making any such mistakes in YOUR home then please contact your local branch here at Ryder & Dutton.